The yETH Token Audits and Explainer

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Market Cap
Fully Diluted Market Cap:
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
Max Supply: 9,000,000
Total Supply: 3,600,000

Lately, we are seeing insane GAS prices on the Ethereum Network, especially as DeFi becomes more and more popular. This makes contract interactions sometimes cost a few hundred dollars! For this reason, we come up with a solution to convert yETH tokens from ethereum blockchain (Erc20) to Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). The smart contract initiation on the Binance chain (BSC) is complete.
yETH smart contract address on the BSC network: 0x77dfb1dafc92c5df29996f5528ba1829941cd3bb. yETH smart contract address on the Ethereum network: 0xD387f0E62E3f123A54Ae486056A5D859AFFeD0c8 The total max supply of yETH is 9,000,000. Circulating Supply 3,6M of the tokens,You can track the number of tokens inside the vesting contract transparently via

Why Choose yETH?

yETH vault are powerful financial primitives. yETH are tokens that constantly increase in value from earning interest, while tokens that represent short are leveraged positions. These yETH Tokens composed into novel financial products, used as collateral for loans, or listed on any exchanges to instantly enable margin lending and trading. Enjoy the limitless power of compound interest, by holding and possessing yETH tokens

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