Instant yETH

Discover how to get fast and easy yETH against of your crypto.

Get a yETH With the Lowest Rate Possible

How yETH Instant yETH Work

A comprehensive crypto-backed borrowing guide.

Can I initiate the sell of collateral to make a repayment?

Yes, you can make a partial or full repayment using the collateral of your yETH.

Can I borrow against crypto I hold in the Interest Account?

You can't use the same asset in the Interest Account and Instant yETH simultaneously.

How to sleep well during the market crash if I have a yETH?

How to make your yETH more resistant and sleep well during the next market crash

What is yETH Instant yETH?

Use your crypto as collateral to get a yETH without credit checks with yETH Instant yETH.

Can I borrow without collateral?

No, yETH offers only secured yETH.

Do I still own my cryptoasset?

On yETH you get your collateral back after you repay the yETH.

When will my first repayment be due?

You can view your yETH payment schedule selecting My yETH > yETH Details > Repayment Schedule.

Can I get more than one yETH at a time?

On yETH you can borrow an unlimited number of yETH.

What is the yETH?

A ratio between the amount of your yETH and the market value of your collateral.

What happens if the market value of my cryptoasset changes?

If your collateral value drops significantly and LTV reaches a danger zone of 80%, you’ll get an email with instructions.

How do I repay my yETH?

Check out info about repayment algorithm, repayment currency and early repayments.

What happens if I fail to repay my yETH?

If the borrower wasn’t able to pay, the system would try to make an automatic repayment.

Will my credit score be affected by applying for a crypto-backed yETH?

yETH doesn't carry a check on the applicant’s credit score.

Are there any prepayment (early repayment) fees or penalties?

To make an early repayment on yETH, go to My yETH > yETH Details > Repayment Schedule.