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FYETH FINANCE is a wholly owned subsidiary of the global fintech group Investment Evolution, one of the licensed non-bank financial institutions in the United States - and operates in European countries. Platform that will allow users to borrow money in US dollars based on crypto assets. The three cryptocurrencies as collateral are BTC, ETH and yETH. The platform will operate 24/7 worldwide, Loans are available as soon as collateral is offered loan transactions and loan repayment will be paid through Blockchain. We that allows user to define their loan terms including an (LTV) ratio of 30 to 90%.Their balance sheet we "stronger than ever" and that its margins have expanded, hence it will increase deposit rates than traditional banks. We want to bring our traditional customers into the digital currency space, while targeting crypto holders in more than 200 countries and territories, who can borrow in difference multiple fiat currencies based on their digital assets. Now, with our loan products, Individual and institutional investors can transact like the big boys without selling the cryptocurrencies they have hoarded or leaving their wallets. They see us as a lever to maximize profits in cryptocurrency market transactions. We will become a global brand in digital currency loans and loans.

Why Choose yETH?

yETH vault are powerful financial primitives. yETH are tokens that constantly increase in value from earning interest, while tokens that represent short are leveraged positions. These yETH Tokens composed into novel financial products, used as collateral for loans, or listed on any exchanges to instantly enable margin lending and trading.

The simple way to Farm & Earn for the future!

Stake your cryptocurrency and earn 12%-18% interest on your assets, Withdraw any time.

Why Is Margin Trading Better?

Minimized Risk

Interest Account aims to give you high-yield returns as fast and as easy as possible. That’s why our new product is one of the most intuitive and accessible in our portfolio.

Passive Income

You are guaranteed to earn a fixed interest on your asset. Watch your savings grow every day, withdraw whenever you want. Money works for you 24/7, even while you sleep.

Withdraw Whenever

Your funds are never locked as it often happens with a traditional bank savings account. You are free to withdraw the funds at any time with a single click.

How yETH Margin Trading Works


Taking a long position involves a simple swapping of one asset for another. For example, you could swap ETH for yETH because you think yETH will go up in value faster than ETH.

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Whitepaper Written Creation of the idea of project Angel Investors/Backers Funded Concept Design MVP Design


Fiat On-ramp And Off-ramp Solution Lending Algorithm Trial Running

Q3/2020: Homepage Development

Start of Token yETH Generation Event and Fyeth Finance smart contract Private Slideshow With Backers Curve Platform Completion Launching the operations of the trading system and users interface in test mode Validator Test


Completion of Initial Decentralized Offering Block Explorer Integration of Fyeth Finance Lending Protocol Complete test operation of the trading system and user interface Marketing launch Development of Security And Auditing Exchange Listing Governance On Ropsten Testnest


Official Operation Launch of an internal exchange Fyeth Finance Oracle With Chainlink


Official Operation Launch of an internal exchange Fyeth Finance Oracle With Chainlink


Data Queries Further Development in Coingeko, Coinmarketcap On the exchange Binance, Okex, Kraken, MXC, Huobi Global ... on centralized exchange SWAP YEFAM and YFM => FAM


Smartcontract 3.0 Launch Various Defi Products based on yETH


Smartcontract 3.0 Launch Various Defi Products based on yETH

Team & Advisors

Andrew Cassar

Founder and CEO

Kyle Kistner


Tixl Sawinyh

Head of Marketing

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